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About Us

About Us

Quince Plug (also known as 15plug.com) is not your ordinary website. We established Quince Plug with the heart and soul of wanting to Quinceanera Planners. We understand the struggle. We know the stress that comes in planning for a Quinceanera Party. So instead of just hanging with the problem, we wanted to become part of the solution. Quince Plug is a versatile website that offers you informative and interesting discussions and tips all about Quinceanera. The topics may range from picking the perfect Quinceanera Dress to deciding which theme for the party you should choose. At the same time, we, at Quince Plug, serve as a marketplace and a platform for various local vendors. This is to provide convenience for both the vendors and the planners. You may find the vendors you are looking for in no time. Quince Plug wanted to become part of the foundation for the thriving community of Quinceanera Planners and vendors. This is while serving anyone interested in informative articles and blogs about Quinceanera for free.

What we offer

In Quince Plug, we aim to provide you the all-in service for your perfect Quinceanera Party on one site! As you browse around, feel free to click on various pages.

Our Vendors

From our amazing makeup artist to our talented DJ, our vendors will surely provide you the services to celebrate yours once in a lifetime Quinceanera.

Our Blogs

We understand how important Quinceanera is. Our blogs will surely provide you the information and tips you would consider in your upcoming Quinceanera Party.

Our Service

Still unsure with your Quinceanera? You want to have the perfect Quinceanera Party but you are not well-equipped? We are more than willing to help. You may reach us through our Email (sales@15plug.com) or telephone number (619-537-9067)

To Future Vendors

Do you want to become part of our growing family here in Quince Plug? Are you also passionate about providing the best service for a Quinceanera Party? Join the family and reach us through our Email (sales@15plug.com) or telephone number (619-537-9067)

Knowing more about quince plug

Quince Plug is a platform I created out of frustration. I do understand the struggle of planning and preparing for a Quinceanera. I am a parent of a lovely daughter who just celebrated her Quinceanera. While planning for the Quinceanera, I was lost in the process. I asked myself where to start. How far should I plan out the Quinceanera? Whom shall I call? How do I locate quinceanera vendors? How can I schedule appointments with vendors? How do I track payments? How trustworthy is the vendor? Can I count on them to be on time? And these kinds of questions go on and on.

Parents, you are not alone. A lot of parents planning for their daughter’s quinceanera are also stressed out. Probably even burn out up to a certain point. So do not be afraid. Quince Plug is here providing you a platform to meet your needs. We are a thriving community of people who genuinely wanted to plan and prepare for the perfect Quinceanera Party. Welcome!

Our Features

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Our platform offers a marketplace for vendors and quinceanera planners to interact. The list of our vendors can be found on the Vendor page of the website.


We aim to educate and inform anyone interested in up-to-date tips and tricks. Our blogs may be the basis of your Quinceanera paradise.

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