The most eye-catching pieces to decorate your neck

A fine costume jewellery ornament on the neck can become the second main character on a quinceañera night, many of which tend to be very elegant.

Pieces to Decorate a Quinceañera’s Neck

Take note of these beautiful and elegant pieces to adorn the neck of a quinceañera:
Fashion Jewellery
The use of costume jewellery will make the birthday girl stand out for her elegance. The best thing is that there is a great variety within those that you can get:

  • Long pearl necklaces
  • Chokers with fine rhinestones
  • Vintage air brooches accompanied by coloured stones
  • Necklaces made of precious metals such as gold or silver
Picture Source: Pinterest
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How to choose jewelry for your quinceañera

The jewelry to accompany the quinceañera on that special night is one of the points that often generates stress, this is because with the right jewelry and accessories the dress will end up looking spectacular.
Here are some tips that will help the quinceañera match her outfit and jewelry, as well as being the center of attention for all evening glances:

  • Remember that the trend is: the less the better
  • Don’t hesitate to choose eye-catching parts
  • That the extremes will not be a fear
  • Don’t separate from your style
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