The most eye-catching pieces to decorate your neck

A fine costume jewellery ornament on the neck can become the second main character on a quinceañera night, many of which tend to be very elegant.

Pieces to Decorate a Quinceañera’s Neck

Take note of these beautiful and elegant pieces to adorn the neck of a quinceañera:
Fashion Jewellery
The use of costume jewellery will make the birthday girl stand out for her elegance. The best thing is that there is a great variety within those that you can get:

  • Long pearl necklaces
  • Chokers with fine rhinestones
  • Vintage air brooches accompanied by coloured stones
  • Necklaces made of precious metals such as gold or silver
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second dress for the end of the party

A second dress for the end of the party

When it comes to dancing and having fun at the Quinceañera, ideally you’ll have some definite options to choose from after wearing your large, elegant Quinceañera dress.

Options for the Second Dress for the End of the Party

Strapless dresses

This type of dresses are ideal for those girls who have little bust, you just need to tell your seamstress to adapt padded cups so you don’t have to worry about wearing a bra.

Open Back Dresses

With this dress you will be able to show to plenitude all the beauty and lozanía of your back, the ideal thing is that you avoid that the dress moves out of its place to avoid accidents.

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How to choose jewelry for your quinceañera

The jewelry to accompany the quinceañera on that special night is one of the points that often generates stress, this is because with the right jewelry and accessories the dress will end up looking spectacular.
Here are some tips that will help the quinceañera match her outfit and jewelry, as well as being the center of attention for all evening glances:

  • Remember that the trend is: the less the better
  • Don’t hesitate to choose eye-catching parts
  • That the extremes will not be a fear
  • Don’t separate from your style
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How to achieve a natural makeup

Every quinceañera needs to be shiny and well make up, this type of party demands a perfect but natural face.

2 secrets to natural makeup

Number 1: Use a base of the same color as your

In order to achieve a natural makeup, the ideal thing is that you apply a base of the same color of your skin, little by little and with a brush, without forgetting the neck and the forehead.

Number 2: Use a lipstick that highlights the natural tone of the lips.

This way you would achieve that the makeup is completely natural, the ideal thing is that you use pink or coral colors, if you also apply transparent gloss you will contribute volume to your mouth.

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Alternatives to the Quinceañera tiara

Alternatives to the Quinceañera tiara

Hairpieces and combs with flowers are hair accessories that are presented as alternatives to the tiara and allow you to continue looking like a princess.

2 alternatives to the quinceañera tiara

Here are two alternatives that will make you look spectacular:

Alternative number 1: Glass hairpins with floral style

These hairpins are usually made by hand, the material is an alloy of wire and artificial pearls. This design is easily inserted into the hair giving it a beautiful look.

Alternative number 2: Comb with flowers

The floral comb comes in a size of 3.9 by 2.36 inches, this size presents it as an elegant alternative that will help the quinceañera look beautiful.

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Trends in Quinceañera Hairstyles

The classic is behind us, now quinceañera hairstyles are inclined towards an elegant updo style.

2 of the best quinceañera hairstyles

Take note of these two quinceañera hairstyles that are trend in this 2019:

Hairstyle number 1: Braid wrapped around the top

This hairstyle is presented as an elegant and beautiful alternative for quinceañeras, consists of making a braid and holding it with hairpins at the top of the head.

number 2: Pick up flower type with

This hairstyle is classic, beautiful and simple to do. The beauty of this hairstyle is that the hair is woven while sections of hair are added under the braid.

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Tricks to make your makeup last all night long

Take note of 2 of the most important tricks to make your makeup last all night:

Tip #1: Consciously moisturize your skin

The conscious hydration of your skin will guarantee a luminous face, making it look fresh.
Ideally, consume plenty of water combined with nutritious treatments, creams, masks and facial cleansing.

Tip number 2: You must take into account the place of the party

Remember that if the party is in a nightclub, makeup products decrease their intensity by 75%, so you should apply a larger amount.

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two-piece 15 dresses

Two-piece- Crop top – 15 dresses 

Without leaving aside the majesty of the occasion and the solemnity of the suit, you can choose new models of dresses more current and in line with fashion trends of this time.

The two-piece 15 dresses, consisting of a beautiful skirt and a crop top, match to give life to a really beautiful outfit, such as those you can get in the Vizcaya collection of the famous designer Mori Lee.

Crop top with details in rhinestones, where color and shine predominate, are combined with steamy skirts, long and with lace or tulle, to complement the ideal outfit for a celebration of fifteen years, modern and glamorous.

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Embroidered Quinceañera dresses

Embroidered Quinceañera dresses

Embroidered quinceañera dresses are not the most customary, however, they are presented as a novel and very delicate alternative. You can find beautiful models embroidered with bell style, long with bright appliqués, with lace and wide skirts that will make the birthday girl feel like a fairy tale princess.

The most prominent embroidered quinceañera dresses today are those with a subtle cut and a semi-discovered back. The embroidery motifs are mainly floral and the colours are usually intense in order to contrast and highlight the dress.

Among the models of embroidered quinceañera dresses, you will also find the option of shorter skirts with delicate embroidery, for daytime celebrations or that can be alternated with long skirts, to allow the quinceañera greater mobility at the time of the party.

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